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Hi! I'm Jodie Wolfe, and I'm striving to find hope in a chaotic world. When all else fails and everything seems to be impossible, hope filters through and spurs me on to what God has for me. Not hope in myself, because I'm fallible. I fail and get discouraged. No, my hope is in Christ and who He is. I cling to His promises and the fact that He only allows those things in my life that will help me to grow to be more like Him.
I like the movies and books where the hero or heroine faces all kinds of troubles and things look hopeless of ever changing. But then… that moment comes where they have to make a difficult decision. They are tested and sometimes fail, but they never give up. They press on to the call on their life.
My characters have quirks because I do, and chances are, you do too. :) God designed us uniquely different. Together, let's set out on that journey where hope and quirky meet and discover what God has in store along the pathway. Will you join me? Let's go!

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