Welcome Jenna Victoria

December 20, 2017

Can you believe it's only five days until we celebrate the wonderful gift of our Savior? My prayers are with you as you prepare for the holidays.


Today I'd like to welcome Jenna Victoria. Hi, Jenna! How did you develop a love of story?


Although I was blessed with loving, Christian parents, I didn’t have an ideal childhood. I was bullied for being overweight and there was a lot of loss and dysfunction in my immediate family circle. Books became my escape, my friends and the window where I could peek into glorious adventures that always ended happily.


I can relate to books being an escape when I was young. What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?


I hope that my readers find my books to be a pleasant, memorable escape from the disappointments in daily life, and that they fall as much in love with my characters as I do.


Memorable characters are what I think most authors strive to create. How does faith play a part in your writing?


I cannot write effectively aside from my core belief in the saving grace of God. I write both faith-filled Christian fiction and sweet, clean romance. Even when I don’t mention scripture or Christ specifically, each chapter I put down on the page is through the lens of my Christian worldview. I write about bad choices, but also forgiveness. I write about evil, but it is always overcome by goodness and grace.


That's beautiful. Do you listen to music or snack while writing?


I don’t eat while writing but I sure do plenty of it before and after, ha!I do listen to music, always. I usually put the TV on and select a music-only channel such as movie sound tracks or Gospel music. Other times I’ll go online to a musicstreaming website, but I write better with music or noise around me.


I know music usually is playing in the background when I'm writing too. Tell us about your new book and where readers can find it.


War of the Heart is a Christian time-slip book set during the current and a past Christmas season.


eBook: http://www.goo.gl/wflaLA

Paperback:  http://www.goo.gl/O2jEsZ

Audio Book: https://goo.gl/uCJ87R


Blurb: When a vintage snow globe sends Boston dress designer Louise Martin & British B&B owner George Walker back in time to London, December 1940, they race against the clock to reconcile a feud between their families and solve a 75-year-old mystery. As Louise relies on God; and on George for guidance, friendship then love, will the future George envisions strangle her own dreams? Will their love survive generations of mistrust, the Blitz and being stranded in wartime 1940, possibly never to return to their former lives? 


That sounds intriguing. What are you working on now?


I have three books coming out between late December and early February: Wilderness Wedding (A contemporary Christian romance), Her Hidden Heart (a contemporary sweet romance) and a book for Downton Abbey fans, The Housekeeper’s Heartache, a Christian romance set in 1918 on a huge estate in North Carolina.


Wow! I'm impressed. :) Is there a book you read that you had wished you'd written?


Any of C. S. Lewis’s Narnia fantasy books such as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


That is a great one. What is your passion as a writer?


To be scrupulously correct with historical or setting details, and to deliver my best work to the reader, every time.


Wonderful. What is your most difficult writing challenge?


Being that I undergo intravenous chemotherapy every 21 days, it makes writing schedules difficult to stick to (depending upon side effects.) So I’ve learned to adapt and adjust. I try not to waste prime writing time on surfing the internet or something unproductive. I can save those things for when my energy level is low.


Oh my! You'll definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for taking the time to be with us today. I pray the Lord blesses your writing.



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