The Story Behind A Purpose True

December 2, 2017

Gail Kittleson is here today to share about her new book.


My readers know part of the story behind this particular novel. They’ve followed Addie through all her struggles on the Iowa home front beginning in December 1941 after the Pearl Harbor attack, recorded in In Times Like These. They’ve moved on with her to support her best friend Kate in London, who’s expecting her first baby after losing her RAF pilot husband in a crash.


And in With Each New Dawn, readers have accompanied Addie into Mr. Tenney’s office, where she takes Kate’s place when Kate suffers a miscarriage. Then they’ve gone with Kate through clandestine training and crossed the English Channel with her as she volunteers for the British Secret Operations Executive—doing dangerous undercover work to aid the French Resistance.


At the end of With Each New Dawn, readers realize Kate’s commitment to Domingo, the Basque shepherd-turned Resistance guide who met her parachute drop into the Auvergne. Ah, Domingo—what a guy! Honorable to the core, dedicated to his ancestral teachings as well as his faith, and guardian of his mother and younger brother, Domingo must risk everything for all he holds dear.


In A Purpose True, Kate enters into Domingo’s family by necessity. Her underground circuit is betrayed and Domingo guides her away from certain danger—and into it. En route to Normandy to fight the Allies, Hitler’s Waffen SS tank battalions threaten this isolated Southern countryside. Domingo cannot leave his fragile mother alone, so Kate stays with her while he goes to the Resistance camp to seek his brother.


This ancient homestead, built stone upon stone by Domingo’s forbears, gets a hold on Kate—what would it be like to have a home like this, a family, a heritage? Kate’s long-held longings to know more about her roots come to life here, and when she and Domingo must continue their service to the Resistance, neither of them leaves with settled confidence.


 How could they? All across France, Nazi tank units wreak havoc, and though Domingo’s parish priest, Père Gaspard, agrees to find Kate safe temporary locations for her radio transmissions to London, no locale offers a true harbor as the tanks encroach on even the most isolated villages. Kate realizes no one can escape this war’s travail as she witnesses Père’s suffering—and that devoted servants of the church also entertain doubts.


 The real story behind the story is that Kate and Domingo’s tale demanded a great deal of attention. Again and again they reached into their inner resources for more strength to cope with what they faced. My admiration for them increased with every hour I spent writing their story, but I must admit, the process had me raiding my inner resources, too.


Here's where you can find out more about Gail and her books:


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