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November 15, 2017

The leaves are quickly falling here in PA and covering the grass. It makes a pretty, colorful carpet. Perfect weather for reading a book. :) Today we have Amber Schamel with us. Welcome, Amber. How did you develop a love of story?


You know…I can’t remember. I suspect it came from my mother reading me books from infancy, but couldn’t say for sure.  I’ve loved stories for as long as I can remember. An active imagination has been one of my trademarks throughout the years. My little brothers complained that I was no fun to play with because everything became a musical.


Chuckle. When do you fit writing into your day?


Whenever I can. Usually that means between 5:30am-7:00am and 9:00pm-11:00pm. And also in the car on road trips.


Sounds like you take any moment that crops up. :) Apart from writing, what is your favorite creative outlet?


Piano, singing and chalkboard art. I also enjoy reading, hiking, tickling little siblings, nieces and cousins, and going to as many church services as I can.


You keep busy. :) What is the farthest place from home that you've traveled?


I have traveled to Israel twice. It was an amazing journey that I would highly recommend for every Christian. The Bible really becomes a whole new book to you. Little did I know that I would end up writing 4 books set in Israel. 😊 Gotta love God’s insight.


I would love to go to Israel some day. What qualities do you look for in a hero and heroine?


I want them to be real. I want them to have struggles I can relate to, but I also don’t want them to be too stupid or naïve. They need to have a heroic side, but also a genuine, human side. I also really, really like the deep, unforgettable struggles. Like Caddie from the Last Sin Eater or Winnie from Tuck Everlasting.


Those are some good qualities. Do you have a favorite scene in your newest release?


Oh, goodness. That’s a hard one! There were so many scenes in this book that were so much fun to write. The scenes between Jasper and Miss Leslie were a blast. So was the scene where Jasper barges into the newspaper reporter’s office. But I think perhaps my favorite scene is when Jasper talks with his Council of Mirrors. It holds a lot of subtle meaning. (Can’t explain more without giving too much away. 😉 )


It sounds like a fun book. What is one thing you hope readers will take away from your story?


Solve by Christmas deals with a very sensitive issue. Suicide and what makes life worth living. I hope that when readers close the cover on Jasper and his friends that they will realize that Christ says we are worth it all and that our own works, our own accomplishments (or lack thereof) is not what makes our life precious or not. Life is worth the living because He lives. Because there is hope for the future through Jesus. And your life has incomparable value.


Thanks for stopping by today. How can readers stay in contact with you?



Newsletter & updates: http://www.amberschamel.com/newsletter-signup.html
Blogs - http://stitchesthrutime.blogspot.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAmberSchamel

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Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7073165.Amber_Schamel

Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Amber-Schamel/e/B00CIXK91M

Pronoun-  https://books.pronoun.com/amberschamel/


Praying the Lord blesses your writing, Amber.



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