The WWII Spies Series by Carole Brown

July 12, 2017

I thought we'd do a little break from interviews again this week. Instead, Carole Brown is here to tell you about her new book.


Developing my WWII Spies series came from two things:

  • Listening to my mother talk about her life during WWII and seeing the pictures she had

  • A short story about a “supposed” civilian spy during WWII from an elderly man. Rumors had it that HE was that spy, but he neither confirmed nor denied it.


Since I'd already planned to feature three red-haired sisters in their own books, it was fun to create their personalities and who the heroes would be. Fortunately, while I wrote book one, the heroes for the other two books appeared and were good matches for sisters two and three.


With Music in Their Hearts

With my interest piqued and imagination soaring, I settled on the plot for book one where the hero—handsome, smart, a minister and godly—is rejected to serve overseas but recruited to serve as a civilian spy. Sparks of jealousy and love fly between him and the heroine as they battle the suspicions that one or the other is not on the up and up.


Emma Jaine Rayner: non-professional pianist, longs for the right man to come along to capture her interest and love, a bit bossy, but at heart, cares deeply for her father and sisters.

Tyrell Walker: black hair, deep moss-green eyes, upright man and good in every way, although he has his decidly teasing and annoying ways.


A Flute in the Willows (coming later this year!)

In Book Two, the heroine and hero are both rebels in their own way. She has two loves—her skating and Jerry, her husband. But when he returns home looking like a skeleton trying to return to life, she’s scared. What happened in Germany to change a man so much? When his wife's life is threatened, Jerry realizes he can’t stand by and do nothing. Jerry has to risk all for the very soul and life of himself—Josie. These two damaged, rebellious people learn the hard way that leaning on God instead of their ownselves and abilities is the only true way to love and happiness.


Josephine Rayner Patterson, the second sister, is quite different from her older sister. She's athletic and training for the Olympics once it's resumed after the war, plays the flute, a little uncaring about her looks and is quite rebellious.

Jerry Patterson, dark, sardonic, sensitive and smart, he despises his overbearing, condescending and wealthy father and joins the service. Because of his sharp senses, he's trained in subversion for the military and ends overseas in Germany but will the mistakes he makes while there cripple his and Josie's lives forever?



Sing Until You Die

The third book in this series. The youngest sister of the WWII Spies sister overhears a private conversation while singing to the military troops and realizes it's vital information to the well being of the United States. When she’s almost discovered, Claire barely escapes. Surrounded by zealous people she can’t and won’t trust, Claire has no options but to trust the one person she most despises, the one person she ran from, quiet, plugging-along Wills. In the midst of danger, Wills has the chance of a lifetime: to show the love of his life his love for her. Will she learn that God is her strength and wishdom and that no matter how well she can sing, how far she travels, how many men she meets, only Wills can fill the void in her heart.


Claire Roseann Rayner: The strawberry blond, petted and beloved daughter of the Rayner Family who sings like a bird and is determined to fly away like one too. She knows what she wants and is confident and strong enough to go after it in a lady-like way. She loves God but staying away from the boy-turned-man she grew up with is never far from her mind.

Williams (Wills) Mason: Quiet and modest, he's never wavered in his love for Claire Rayner. His straight blond hair, brown eyes, and the newly-acquired mustache he sports is attractive to many girls but not Claire. He's worked hard in the military and now, as a spy, he must help Claire find the betrayer before he loses the only woman for him.



Buy With Music in Their Hearts here:


And look for A Flute in the Willows later this year!


Carole Brown lives in Southeast Ohio and is always on the lookout for catchy titles and suspenseful plots.

  • The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, her debut inspirational novel, is a Selah Award Finalist and a ACFW Genesis semi-finalist and also wrote a companion book (West Virginia Scrapbook: The Life of Caralynne Hayman) with discussion questions, quotes, recipes and interesting tidbits to go along with it.

  • The first book, , in her cozy mystery bookseries, has recently been released.

  • She has also written five children’s books, , dealing with character traits, and won two awards for her poems.

  • Her next romantic suspense is a WWII novel called and will release November, 2014.


Carole has written her whole life as newspaper reporter, editor of journals and newsletters, and research manuscripts. When not penning her own novels, she enjoys mentoring beginning writers and founded a writer’s group called Circle of Pens where she can mentor to her heart’s content. Her passion for serving continues in her secretarial and coordinator work for the state of Ohio with ACFW.


She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the United States ministering and counseling. They have particularly enjoyed the western states where they’ve labored with the Native Americans and many other specific places where she gathers folder for her writings. They continue to enjoy traveling, their grandsons, the country life and city lights, gardens, and good food.


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