Welcome Diane Dean White + A Giveaway

April 26, 2017

As April comes to a close, the temperatures are starting to climb. I'm not eager for the heat of summer.


Today we have the opportunity to get acquainted with another author. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win the novella, Lilacs in May.


Welcome Diane. How did you develop a 'love of story'?


Hi Jodie, first let me thank you for taking the time to share my love for reading and writing with others. I enjoyed story’s at a young age when as a preschooler I went to the library for story hour. My first and favorite book was Heidi, and along with a neighborhood friend, we’d make believe we lived in the Swiss Alps, and have a bowl of cheese and bread—acting out the story.


Chuckle. A friend and I used to play Little House on the Prairie together. :) When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?


I was in 6th grade and rewrote a movie I saw on television. I had an old black manual Royal, and in my senior year I self published a small booklet of poetry I’d written over the years. In college I wrote plays and loved writing my speeches.


I didn't mind writing college speeches but wasn't too crazy about giving them. :) Do you listen to music or snack while writing?


I have a bad back and use a comfortable chaise lounge with a portable key board on my lap. I have a computer screen on a rolling stand next to me and I’m strictly a water junkie…but also a chocoholic! I may snack with chocolate, thinking it will help me gain wisdom while I write. J I plan my writing around our meals and join my hubby for those. I do enjoy music and I’ve found songs that can make me cry and others that add joy to the pages as I write. I usually don’t write with songs close by, but often have instrumental music and easy listening playing in the background.


I can relate to the back issues. I have to get up after an hour of sitting to move around. What is your 'how I got published' story?


I started out in the late 70’s as a newspaper reporter, and once you see your stories in print, you don’t want to quit. I continued to write short stories; many were published in Chicken Soup and other books and publications. I wrote Carolina in the Morning in 2004, a contemporary romance with a lot of history about the Hunley submarine that was brought up from the Charleston Harbor. Then I wrote a weekly column for the next four years, and the book-bug bit again. I decided to do a novel, and although it took three years, it was picked up for publication immediately. Since then I’ve self-published an ebook of short stories, and am presently with Winged Publications, and Forget Me Not Romances. I enjoy working with the other authors and our publisher is the best!


So you've had a lot of experience in the writing industry. Tell us about your new book.


 This Side of Heaven takes place in rural Georgia. Darlene is a mother with two preschoolers who was whisked away under the protection of an underground program for abused women. She’s from the north and meets a handsome police detective, Brett, who as a neighbor stops by to bring her young children a small puppy. She has one contact person, but she doesn’t want Brett to know about her husband and situation. They become close friends and she falls for him, but knowing the Lord is watching over her and her children, doesn’t act on those feelings. Brett at 31 has given up on love, and married to his job. Although an eligible bachelor and heir to a large pecan business, he wishes Darlene would quit mourning her dead husband. She figures he’s dead to her, so tells others that. The suspense mounts in this story and so does their love.


Interesting. What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?


My stories are inspirational romance and suspense. I don’t sugar coat life. With both, On a Summer Night, and my latest novel, This Side of Heaven, I have Christian and non Christian characters, but the salvation plan is a big part of steering the non-Christian toward Christ. However bad or whatever that person has done, I want readers to know redemption is possible. I hope first, anyone who doesn’t know our Lord and what a true relationship can mean, they derive from my books. It’s important to me they enjoy them, but also gain the Biblical truth and how we all make mistakes, but Christ has forgiven us, for simply asking HIM.


It sounds like a great blend. What are you working on now?


I have two novellas, Winter Wonderland, now available, and Texting Mr. Right, with Forget Me Not Romances. Another novella, Lilacs in May will soon be out.


Cute titles. :) What is your passion as a writer?


To know my words people read make a difference…and to keep writing as long as the Lord allows me to share His direction.


Amen. What is your most difficult writing challenge?


I’m a fly-by-the-seats writer and always have an idea what my beginning will be. But there are changes, and I keep a paper handy with the names of my characters. I think it’s confusing to read a lot of names, and I try to bring those in gradually. It’s important to set aside allotted time daily, even if you don’t know where the next page is going; just start typing, something will fly off the sheets. I also keep on writing while inspired.


Thank you for taking time to stop by today, Diane. I pray the Lord blesses your writing.





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