Welcome Susie Finkbeiner

March 22, 2017

March is flying by. Here in PA we've had over a foot of snow which already has melted and that was just in this past week. Crazy weather. :) It's always a great time to learn about a new author. Today I'd like to welcome Susie Finkbeiner.


Hello Susie. How did you develop a 'love of story'?


I come from a long line of storytellers. Some of my earliest memories involve somebody telling a story that was sometimes true, sometimes made up, but more often a little of both. Both my parents valued reading and we had shelves of wonderful books always at our disposal. I’m glad to say that I’ve carried on this tradition of reading in my house with my kids. It’s a joy to share that with my family.


I know what you mean. I have many fond memories of reading to my boys when they were little. What is your 'how I got published' story?


I’d been writing for years before I even attempted my first novel. Short stories, plays, poetry (sappy, cheesy, no-one-will-ever-see-it poetry), I’d experimented with all kinds of genres and styles. Then I got brave enough to write my novel and then to submit it to agents. They all said, “No thank you”. I, however, was of the opinion that a rejection isn’t the end of the story, it’s a chance to try again. I kept plugging away. I blogged as I edited my manuscript, praying that whatever God wanted to do with my writing would work out in His time.


An editor contacted me, asking to see my novel. She’d been reading my blog and liked what I’d posted. I sent along my novel, Paint Chips and they sent me a contract. It was such an amazing moment for me.


 I love those God moments when He surprises you. Tell us about your new book.


A Trail of Crumbs is set during the Great Depression. It’s the continuation of eleven year old Pearl Spence’s story (which began in A Cup of Dust). This is a story of what it means to feel lost in the world, only to find your way home again.


It sounds interesting, Susie. What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?


I optimistic to a fault. Not in a Pollyanna, glad-game kind of way. But in a that I always strive to see the hope even in the darkest situations. The reason I’m able to see that hope is because I truly believe that God is making all things work together for the good of those who love Him. It may not be in my timing or the way I’d expect, but God has always come along and boosted me up, rescuing me in His perfect love. This hope, this optimism in the love of our Father, is what I deeply desire my readers to experience within the pages of my novels.


I can relate. :) Do you listen to music or snack while writing?


I typically listen to classical music. Debussy is my absolute favorite. His music moves along in a rolling, waterfall way that keeps my fingers tapping away at the keyboard. And I always have coffee. Always.


I'm guessing the coffee keeps you going too. :) Thanks so much for taking time to be here today, Susie. I pray the Lord blesses you and your writing.





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