Welcome Elaine Manders

March 1, 2017

Happy first day of March. While many are eager for spring and seeing the tulips burst into color, I'm still clinging to the hope of seeing some snow before winter loses it's last grip on us. :)


Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a fellow author. We are both contributors on the blog Stitches Thru Time and we were part of a book collection last year.


Welcome, Elaine. How did you develop a love of story?


I think I was born with a love of story. The make-believe of childhood never left me, but it wasn’t until my daughter left for college and I was left with the empty nest that I decided maybe it was time to start writing the stories crowding my mind down. I joined a local writers’ group, took a fiction writing course, and developed the craft.


You jumped right into it. :) What’s your favorite Bible verse and why?


Isaiah 40:31 – But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.


Every time I get tired and discouraged, I think of this verse. How wonderful to realize the Lord will lift us up from every tribulation.


What a great reminder. Do you have a favorite scene in your newest release?


One of my favorites occurs early on in Surrendered. The hero, Rhyan, stops at the house of his friend’s married sister, and she plops her newborn baby on this lap. Not only does he not know how to hold an infant, but since he’s contemplating marriage, he’s suddenly hit with the possibility that marriage can lead to fatherhood. It’s not only a humorous scene, but poignant too.


Chuckle. Sounds like fun. Where did you get the inspiration for your latest book?


The latest published novel in the series that put me on the track to Christian historical romance is the second in my western romance series. I was on the golf course when I lay down on this little hill waiting for my husband to chase a ball in the woods and stared into the deepest, bluest sky I’ve ever seen. The sun was high in the sky, but the shade of blue was so dark I could actually see, not only the moon, but some of the stars. Looking into that sky, I experienced a strange sensation, as if I’d lost contact with the earth and was moving into infinity. I wondered, as I had many times before, how an atheist could look into the heavens and not believe in the Creator. This led me to an investigation of scientific atheism, Darwinism, and the entire series, Intrigue under Western Skies, was born. My protagonist is a Darwinist of the 1880s. Book 1, Pursued, is his spiritual journey to belief in Christianity, and Book 2, takes him to acceptance. The heroine, of course, helps him on this journey, while dodging all the dangers the old west has to offer. Incidentally, Pursued will be free on Amazon Mar 3-5.


What a neat story of how you came up with the series. What do you plan to work on next?


Actually, my next book, introducing a new series, will be published this weekend. It’s set in 1770 Scotland, entitled The Chieftain’s Choice, the romance of a Scottish lowland chieftain who defies his clan’s wishes to marry a highland lass condemned by her father’s treachery.


Wow! You definitely are keeping busy. Could you give us a blurb for Surrendered?


Having vanquished his political enemies, Rhyan Cason is anxious to get home to his beloved Carianne. Then he received word an anthrax outbreak threatens his ranch. Even as he ponders how he can afford to take a wife, dark secrets from the distant past shake his beliefs to the core and convince him he’ll never be able to find forgiveness or make Carianne happy.


I pray that God continues to bless you and your writing, Elaine. Thanks again for being with us today.




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