Welcome Dawn Cahill

February 15, 2017

Good morning. Today we have the pleasure of learning more about author, Dawn Cahill.


Welcome, Dawn. Can you tell us how you developed a love for story?


I fell in love with books as a child. We didn’t have TV, and I learned to read at a young age. My older sister helped me read, then I would read to my younger sister, but also make up stories. The more exciting and outrageous, the better!


LOL. So you enjoyed making up stories from a young age it sounds like. :) When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?


As a child, I loved stories with plot twists, and wondered if I could write a story just as good as the one I just read.


I started writing as a young child as well. What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?


I like when my readers say the story ‘lingered’ with them. And when they learn something about walking with God that they maybe hadn’t considered before.


That's great and encouraging feedback when your readers say something like that. Do you listen to music or snack while writing?


No music; it distracts me. But I do my share of snacking – even full meals next to my computer :)


:) Tell us about your new book.


My new book is currently at the editors getting all shiny and polished. It’s the sequel to my debut novel Sapphire Secrets, and it’s called Moonstone Secrets. Book 2 of my Seattle Trilogy mystery series. Guess what Book 3 will be? Emerald Secrets. :)


Here’s the blurb: It’s the Christmas season. DeeDee McCreary is excited to visit Victoria BC with her boyfriend Nick to meet his family. But the trip proves disastrous. First, Nick finds his bank account cleaned out. Then he disappears. Frantic, DeeDee sets out to find out what happened to him. What she finds is far worse than she anticipated, and she questions everything she knows about him.


With the man she loves in jail for an unspeakable crime, DeeDee knows the truth lies somewhere in Nick and his ex-wife’s past. But if she pursues their secrets, will she put herself in danger too?


Sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by today. Praying God blesses your writing.





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