Behind the Scenes: Waters of Separation

December 10, 2016

Today, Carol McClain is sharing a behind the scenes look of her book, Waters of Separation.


Today, the United States worries because if undocumented immigrants leave the country prices for food will skyrocket. Behind this "problem" for the US consumer is the fact that we do not pay these workers adequately. Since agriculture pays little, and laborers work hard, native citizens will not do the job.


The problem of inadequate compensation is worse overseas. Because of this fact, I try to buy Fair Trade.


Sadly, for me, Fair Trade chocolate is expensive and often hard to find. Thus I decided to write a novel about the plight of workers in the cacao fields and the child slavery that often accompanies it.


Most of our cacao comes from a tiny African country, the Ivory Coast. Little is written about it, so I dove extensively into my research. Invaluable to me was a missionary living in the area the African portion of my story took place.


With research settled, I had a problem with my American protagonist. What would her inner conflict be, and why would the plight of child laborers be important to her? I didn't want her to be the typical, extraordinary heroine. She had to be like us, humans who want to do right but are hamstrung by our own fears.


About the time I was working out my plot, winter was saying good-bye in northern New York where I lived. With the snow melt and the spring rains, the rivers raged with rapids. A distressed woman threw herself and her child into the Boquet River, and they drowned.


"How does one survive something like this?" I asked myself. From that question, I knew my protagonist's issues, and Anna Haas came to life.


I grew up on Long Island, New York. Three miles from my home, the Nissequogue River enters the Long Island Sound. Tidal currents are treacherous here, and so the Bluff along the Nissequogue became Anna Haas's Boquet River.


Waters of Separation deals with believing the truth and facing reality. Only by living dependent

on Christ and trusting the veracity of His word can we find peace and freedom.


Waters of Separation will sweep you into an exotic and intense world where the cultures of the Ivory Coast and the United States collide.


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