Welcome Lucy Thompson

November 30, 2016

Happy last day of November. Today I'd like to welcome Lucy Thompson. How did you develop a 'love of story'?


I first discovered a love of story when my mum used to read aloud to me when I was little. We read a LOT of Little Golden books. My dad used to tell a lot of stories about his motorbike riding days. Police chases. High speed. Sliding down the bitumen on his butt and needing skin grafts. Truth? Who knows. :-) Many a night I fell asleep listening to him tell the same story to his mates, with different embellishments each time. I guess from those childhood experiences I developed my love of story.


I well remember the Little Golden books. :) How does faith play a part in your writing?


I pray before I write each time. Oft times it feels like God dictates the story to me. I simply write it down. I can do all things through Christ. When I don't have words, my faith in Jesus inspires me.


My faith is an integral part of my writing too. Do you listen to music or snack while writing?


I listen to Epic Music soundtracks from YouTube. My fave is the 4 hr soundtrack and the 14 min Fate song.


 I'm not familiar with them. What is your most difficult writing challenge?


Finding quiet, uninterrupted time to write. I have five children (one of whom is a toddler), 40 chickens, and one hubby who despite being introverted manages to need a large chunk of my attention. As I answer these questions, I'm currently on a bus with 14 children and our local Chappy (school chaplain) as we head back from a Christian motocross oureach night of fun, noise, and motorbikes!!! Woot!

Prayer is always appreciated. :-)


LOL. It sounds like you keep busy. What are you working on now?


I'm finishing up edits for my second book, "A Cowboy's Dare". In November,I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo and writing my Australian novella for Barbour.



Wow. You are working hard from the sounds of it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Praying God blesses your writing.




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