Exciting Read by L. R. Burkard

September 2, 2016

Recently while I sat at the hospital for hours waiting for my new granddaughter to be born, I had the opportunity to read book two in the Pulse Effex Series by L.R. Burkard.


Resilience (book two) is a continuation where Pulse (book one) left off. So if you haven’t picked up Pulse, you’ll want to read that one first. You won’t be disappointed. Book one started with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) affecting most of the United States causing everything to come to a grinding halt. The books follow three teen-aged friends as they deal with a world without electricity, phone, etc.


Andrea and Lexie live on a compound (former family farm) and instead of going to school, they tote guns and help to keep marauders from invading. Sarah is traveling cross country with her brother with hopes of making it to their aunt’s place and finding safety.


There are rumors of FEMA camps set up and helping individuals, but it isn’t clear whether or not they are run by the United States military or  could there be raiders from another country? In a world turned upside down, the teens must find a way to stay alive.


This book was just as riveting as the first one. While I’m usually a historical romance reader, I’m finding dystopian novels to be a fun read too, especially these two books by L. R. Burkard. She does an exceptional job at portraying a word gone awry and what happens. Pick up a copy. You won’t regret it.







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