Welcome Lee Carver

June 29, 2016

It seems hard to believe we are down to the final two days of June already. Just a reminder that you only have two more days to enter for this month's drawing. :) This is what I'm giving away this month.


Now that we've taken care of business, I'd like to introduce you to a new author, Lee Carver. Welcome, Lee! How did you develop a love of story?


As a high school student, I loved short stories with a surprise twist. Though I aced all my English courses, my heart raced for the study of biology and chemistry. I loved teaching teenagers until painful vocal cord nodules brought my career to a screeching halt. While living in Brazil, I joined a group who wrote short stories for the fun of it, resisting the teacher’s insistence  that I write a novel. I pulled the God card:  I’d write a novel if He gave me a plot.


 During our years as volunteer missionaries in the Brazilian Amazon, the urge came to write about the lives of these marvelous modern heroes of the faith. When we re-retired in 2006, the inspiration came to show (not tell) what they and mission life truly are like by writing a novel with a romantic thread to spice it up. That novel, “Love Takes Flight,” was traditionally published in 2014, and I’ve now written five novels, one novella, three shorter novels, and two nonfiction books. Some of these will roll out this year and next. It’s a fine way to—once again—fail at retirement.


Wow! sounds like you've been busy. :) What is your most difficult writing challenge?


Writing correctly isn’t the challenge. It’s writing so that the reader FEELS the story and is drawn into it. I’m a grammar queen and freelance line editor, but correct grammar does not a moving, emotional story make. I’m studying the craft and working at it and reading authors who do it well.


Well said. That's what tugs the heart of the reader, a well told story. What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?


I want readers to thoroughly enjoy reading my books—including the nonfiction—and to feel they’ve learned something or gained a new insight as well as a satisfied sigh. I’ve lived long enough to finally realize that life is limited, and only what you do for the Kingdom of God matters. That includes having a good marriage and raising children, doing the shopping and cooking and everything else that constitutes life. If you’re trying to live with God, it’s all in there somewhere. I hope people who read my books for pleasure, then, are inspired, uplifted, and learn something that helps them live close to the Lord.


 Great stuff, Lee. :) Tell us about your new book.


I’ve combined the heavy subject of a Christian woman betrayed by her husband with the humor of the family guard-pig and the hope and resilience of a good Texas man who’s been through a lot. The short pitch is “A roof and a pig—just the treatment she needs for a broken heart.”


Seeking relief from her disastrous marriage, a high school biology teacher returns to Shelter Creek for the summer to help her grandmother through chemo. She is surprised by a roofer with stamina through Texas heat and life’s hard spots. Her path away from bitterness involves the family guard-pig and teaching first grade. Painful discoveries of her husband’s duplicity develop into danger. Murder is so much quicker than divorce.


As a wife betrayed and dumped by her husband, she could either lock herself away from further hurt or forgive and start over. Was there a man alive worth the investment?


Sounds very intriguing. Where can readers find you online?



Pinterest:  Lee Carver~Author


Thanks for stopping by today, Lee. It's great getting to know you.


What questions do you have for Lee?



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