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May 18, 2016

 Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Patricia Bradley. Welcome! How did you develop a love of story?


My love of story started with the comic strips when I was five years old. I actually learned to read on them. I can remember wanting my own library card and being so upset that I couldn’t have one because I wasn’t in school. When I finally received one, I felt as though I’d received a gold medal.


Chuckle. When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?


When I was thirty-five and couldn’t sleep. As I lay awake one night a man appeared in my mind. He was looking out a window, and I could see gray skies and smokestacks. He turned to me and said, “I never meant for my life to turn out like this.” And then at night when I couldn’t sleep, I created stories about how his life went from bad to worse. Unfortunately, I didn’t write any of it down, but it’s still in my head. One of these days…


:) What is  your most difficult writing challenge?


The first act of any book. I’m a reformed plotter—I’m sure some will find that funny—not quite a panster, more of an organic writer. Sometimes it’s so hard to get my head into the book. I have to ‘see’ it— almost like watching a movie, and in the beginning that is hard to do. But as the characters reveal more and more of themselves, it starts to shape up and I’m able to visualize it.



I can relate. The writing is easier for me when I can visualize the story. Tell us about your new book.


My new book is the fourth in the Logan Point Series—Silence in the Dark. It opens with a fictionalized version of something that happened to me as a twelve-year-old.

Here’s the back cover copy:


In one of the most dangerous states in Mexico, Bailey Adams is running for her life . . . again.


When Bailey Adams left Logan Point two years ago for the mission field of Chihuahua, Mexico, she thought she was getting away from her problems. Running into her ex-fiancé Danny Maxwell was not part of the plan—neither was being chased through the city by the local drug cartel, the Calatrava. Now despite her best efforts, Danny is her only chance of escaping the people chasing her and getting back to Logan Point safely. Can Bailey find the strength to face what’s coming? And in the midst of the chaos, can she keep herself from falling in love with her rescuer all over again?


With lean, fast-paced prose that will keep you turning the pages, Patricia Bradley pens a superb story of suspense and second chances.


Sounds intriguing. What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?


Let me tell you a story. One time I received an email from a nurse who had read my first book, Shadows of the Past, and she pointed out a couple of medical errors, well not exactly errors, but she knew a better way to say what I’d written. I emailed her back and thanked her and asked if she would proof my next book as the heroine was a doctor. She agreed and helped me tremendously. After the book was off to the printer, I wanted to thank her and offered to buy her a book on writing as I’d first met her at writing conference. She declined and went on to say that reading my book was payment enough. All her life she’d struggled with not having her mother’s love, the same problem my heroine had. And reading my book and seeing how my heroine worked past that had encouraged her. In fact, she said the book had changed her life, that’s she’d been able to let go of bitterness and anger at her mother.

            I cried when I read her email and tears come to my eyes as I type this. But that’s why I write. That my stories might make a difference in someone’s life.


What a special story. Thank you for sharing it, Patricia. What is your 'how I got published' story?


My story is a little unusual in that the very first short story I wrote was published in Woman’s World. I was so inexperienced I sent the editor 4500 words when the guidelines clearly said 2,000. But, the editor liked it, and bless her heart, cut it to the required 2,000. Of course, I fully expected to get the next one published and six year later, I did. That time I only sent in a 2,500-word manuscript…that I had to cut. But I learned so much from that experience.


LOL. I bet you did. :) What are you working on now?


I’m working on the 2nd book in the Memphis Cold Case series with a working title of Justice Buried, and it’s set at the Pink Palace in Memphis.


Thank you so much Jodie for having me on your blog. It’s a beautiful place!


Thank you, Patricia. That's sweet of you.


You can find Patricia at the following links:

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Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ptbradley/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7789445.Patricia_Bradley



Reminder, when you leave a comment this month, you'll be entered to win my new novella.





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