Special Welcome to Linda S. Glaz and a Giveaway

December 9, 2015

Today I have the distinct pleasure of hosting my agent extraordinare, Linda S. Glaz. Her recent novel, Fear Is Louder Than Words released this month. Welcome, Linda. Can you start by telling your readers about a typical day in your life?



Oh, my, really? I start around 8 or 9 am checking emails, facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon for clients’ reviews. Then I look for any pressing issues, and finally go through the new submissions and try to weed out any that don’t fit with what we do as an agency. Most often, authors haven’t followed the agency guidelines to know what we do and don’t handle. Then I read on and work on clients’ proposals and projects until around supper. After supper I do more reads and work on my own writing until 9 or 10. Some days longer, but hey, it comes with the territory.


You put in a LONG day. So you don't fit writing in until late at night because of your other responsibilities. What does your writing space look like?


Eeekkk. Total chaos. But I work well that way!


LOL. As long as it works for you. :) Tell us a little about yourself.


I have to stay active. It’s just in my nature. So I’ve always done “busy” things. Air Force, karate, women’s self-defense, musical theatre, soccer coach and ref, and, of course, raised three amazing kids. Probably the hardest task of all.


I agree. Raising kids is a difficult job. How does your faith and spirituality work in with your writing?


Well, my belief is that if your faith is an everyday thing, it is incorporated in every breath you take. It isn’t a Sunday faith for me, but an everyday thing (most of the time, maybe not when I’m driving) LOL.


Ahh. So I learned something new about you... with driving, that is. Chuckle. What is the farthest place from home that you've traveled?


Spain. We lived there for three years.


Okay, I hadn't realized that one either. :) What is your favorite Bible verse and why?


Romans 8:28. All things work for good…and we have to remember that sometimes those things come as a no from Him. It’s still for our good.


Ouch. That can be a hard lesson. What is the genre you write in?


Romance: historic and suspense


Where did you get the inspiration for your latest book?


I always wondered about the life of a conservative talk show host. What I learned was horrendous. They certainly don’t have it easy. Combine that with a magazine article about designer babies, and I had my story.


I had the privilege of reading Linda's story and you won't be able to put it down. Do you have a favorite scene in your newest release?


Yes, the airport in northern Michigan. My heroine is so upset as she kicks her carry-on across the floor, but all of that quickly changes.


I can picture that. :) What is one thing you hope readers will take away from your story?


That nothing is impossible with God.


Amen and thanks for the reminder. How much time do you spend researching before you write?


Depends on the topic. 


:) What qualities do you look for in a hero and heroine?


Lots of sass for her, and deep flaws for him. Isn’t that real life?


Chuckle. That definitely makes a lively story that reader can't put down. What do you plan to work on next?


A suspense about bullying


I can't wait to read it so you'd better get busy writing. :) How long have you've known you're a writer?


Since I wrote my first serious story in middle school. It was AWFUL!


LOL. I can relate. I've wanted to write ever since I was a young girl. How did you develop a 'love of story'?


My whole family loved telling stories and I have always been an avid reader so it came naturally.


I also am an avid reader. Wish I had more time to read.... and write. :) Apart from writing, what is your favorite creative outlet?


Musical theatre.


Sounds like fun. Is there something about you most people wouldn’t know?


I’m a Christmas-aholic!


Me too! If you have a day off, what's your favorite thing to do?


Day off?!?!?!?


LOL. I know you work really hard. What advice would you give to new authors?


Persevere. Never ever quit.


Great reminder. Finally, where can readers connect with you?




And on Facebook and Goodreads



Thank you for stopping by today, Linda to tell us a little more about yourself. Don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win this month's surprise giveaway. Also, Linda has graciously offered to give away two copies of her book so be sure to leave a comment. :)


Tune in next week when Yvonne Anderson is here talking about her writing life and her new novel.



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