Interview with Nike Chillemi

November 11, 2015

This week's interview is with author Nike Chillemi. Welcome Nike.



What qualities do you look for in a hero and heroine?


Primarily, I write detective stories, so my heroes and heroines have to be one of the good guys. They have to be on the side of human dignity and justice. At the present time, I have four law enforcement couples in mind. It's ambitious, but at this time, I'm planning a trilogy for each couple. I also anticipate that main characters in one trilogy will show up as secondary or minor characters in another trilogy. My main characters do not have to be Christians, nor do they have to get saved by the end of the first book in their trilogy. They must be intelligent, so they will naturally wonder: what is the meaning of it all? That may lead them to God, or they might fight it. They will all be honorable and respectful of Christianity and the Christians in their lives, and there will be committed Christians in their lives. 


It sounds like you have lots of writing ahead of you. :) Where do you get ideas?


I get my ideas from everywhere. I observe people on the street and make up scenarios that could bring drama to their lives…sometimes extreme drama. If I hear a particularly interesting turn of phrase, I jot it down. I've got a computer file with over fifty potential stories. I keep adding to that number. Some are quite good and could be developed into novels, others, not so much. Those I finally have to admit are horrid, I delete.


That sounds like quite an impressive file. Do you have a favorite scene in your newest release?




In DEADLY DESIGNS I like the poignancy of the scene where Brooklyn NY born and bred Veronica "Ronnie" Ingels, gal PI and west Texas Deputy Lt. Dawson Hughes realize they're falling in love but have to face the fact it might not go anywhere. They are in very different places spiritually. The scene below in in Dawson's point-of-view.


"I find you very attractive, but what I'm beginnin' to feel for you goes beyond mere physicality."


Her brow furrowed. "I'd assume that's a good thing. So why do I feel that won't be the outcome of your narrative?"


"Just let me finish. I've had a life alterin' experience. Somethin' amazin' has happened to me that's changed me at the very core of my bein'. I've had a personal encounter with God, with Jesus."


"I see." She moved slightly away from me, shrinking into the corner of the sofa.


I resisted the urge to follow, to make up the distance. "I got married in the church, but by that time the strong faith I'd had as a child had waned. Then when Ellie lost our baby, I felt distant from God, angry at Him."


She peered at me as if she were trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. "But now you believe again."


"Yes, I know I'm a beloved child of God. And with that comes a certain way of life, a certain way of relatin' to a gorgeous young woman who I value so highly."


"Don't tell me you've taken a vow of celibacy." Her giggle ended in a high pitch.


"No, hardly, but intimacy is now somethin' I see as part of a lifelong commitment that starts with a church weddin'."


"Wow, that's intense." She stood and took a step away from the couch.


"I want to take my time gettin' to know you. Your deepest thoughts, what you hold dear, your quirks and idiosyncrasies. You're special to me." I rose to my feet. I wanted to reach out, turn her around and then kiss her, but stifled that impulse.


She pivoted toward me. "Slow is good. I've got some issues in the intimacy department."


I cleared my throat, but the frog stuck there remained. "God is central to who I am. I'd want to share my faith with my future spouse and raise our children as Christians."


She smiled, but sadness rested at the corner of her eyes. "I can't turn on faith like a switch. Not even for you."


"I… I know." I could barely get the words out.



Sounds intriguing. :) When do you fit writing into your day? What does your writing space look like?


I tend to have more energy in the morning than in the afternoon. I like to write after everyone's gone to school or to work for the day. I'm retired so that works for me. Everything is quiet then and I can totally concentrate on writing. I find I also become a night owl and get a second wind in the late evening. Usually, things have calmed down by then as well and are quiet. The dishes are done and the house has settled down. That's also a good time to write. I need quiet to focus As far as a special place to write…I have my computer desk. We live in a two-floor, three bedroom, brick, attached-house in Brooklyn. A three bedroom in the city isn't as large as one in the suburbs or in a rural area, and our lot is tiny. My writing space is my desk…that's it. A lot has come out of this little writing space.


It looks like a fun place to write. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?


I have several fav Bible verses. My fav it usually the one that is speaking to me in the present moment. Right now I'm very much connecting with John 16:13-15 King (KJV) 13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. 14 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. 15 All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you. It comforts me that the Holy Spirit is always showing me Jesus.


That's a great set of verses. Thank you for being with us today, Nike. To learn more about her, check out her website:


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