Love of Story Welcomes Tanya Eavenson

October 14, 2015


Today we are blessed to have Tanya Eavenson join us. How did you develop a 'love of story'?


 Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamt of the handsome prince coming to rescue the princess. I think those fairy tales have just stuck with me, but now I know that the Lord is the One who rescues and saves. With Christ and Christ alone there’s a true happily-ever-after.  


 Amen to Christ being our only true happily-ever-after. :) It's part of the reason why I use the tag line of History, Hope, Laughter & Happily-ever-after. Did you always want to be a writer?


Does it sound strange to say I never wanted to write? Actually, I never thought about writing until God called me to write one night when I asked Him what He wanted me to do with my life. I remember saying, with ready fingers on the keyboard, “Are you sure, God?” I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but I had a burden to share the story God had placed on my heart.


That sounds quite interesting. What advice can you give to writers trying to break into the publishing world? 


The best advice I’d give to a new writer besides encouraging them to study the craft or find a critique group, is to never give up. Writing isn’t easy. The journey has so many highs and lows that if you give up, you’d never know the person you’d become, or how your stories impact hearts and lives in the process.  


Great reminder. ?What spiritual truths do you desire to convey to your readers?



I would have to say that as people read my stories, it’s my hope they will know that God’s love for them is unshakable no matter the circumstances. I love what Isaiah 54:10 says, “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken.” This is a promise from the Lord and a theme you’ll find in every novel I write.



I like how you convey this in each of your books. So what foods do you eat when writing to keep you going?



I usually eat chocolate and coffee. Does coffee count? =) 


I wouldn't know about coffee since I'm a tea drinker. LOL. If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?


Recently I was asked the same questions and believe it or not, my husband and I have always wanted to take a family trip to Bass Pro Shop in Missouri. It would be so much fun to stay in their log cabins, rent a boat, and go fishing. Twice we planned it, but we’ve had to cancel for various reasons. It’s a simple dream, but I hope we’ll be able to accomplish it in the future.



It sounds like it could be relaxing. :) Tell us about your new novel.



Unconditional is a story of a husband and wife who struggle with disappointment and heartache and ask if marriage is worth fighting for. But it’s also a story of how God’s grace can lead to healing beyond the imagination, because with God, nothing is impossible.

Here’s the prologue for Unconditional so I hope you enjoy!




            “Please, Elizabeth...I can’t lose you.” Chris Roberts gently kissed his wife’s hand. He focused on her bandaged head and breathing tube, looking for any sign she heard his pleas, felt his touch. Nothing.


            “Your daughter needs you. I need you.” His voice faded into the quietness of the room. He wiped his cheek with the back of his hand and tried to force his mind clear. The image of his pregnant wife slipping from the church steps still haunted him. He should have been closer, should have caught her.

            The doctor and nurse came into the room, but he barely acknowledged them as they checked his wife’s vitals and changed her bandage. There was nothing more they could do.

            “Mr. Roberts,” the doctor spoke from Elizabeth’s bedside. “There’s been no change, but the wound to her head is healing nicely.”

            “It’s been two weeks. Will she ever come out of this coma?”

            “I don’t know. All we can do is wait and pray. But I thought you should know about your daughter.”

            Chris met his gaze. “Katherine. Is she all right?”

            The doctor’s eyes softened. “Her breathing is still our main concern since her lungs weren’t fully developed, but she is doing better than we expected. What I’m trying to say is she’s thriving and should be able to go home within the week.”

            Chris tried to smile but failed. Katherine had survived the terrible incident, but what about Elizabeth? He turned back to his wife and squeezed her hand. “Did you hear the doctor? Katherine’s doing well. We can go home soon, but you have to wake up.” He bowed his head and fought against his tears. The door clicking closed behind him echoed in the room.

            The days passed in slow motion — the next day, and the next — all blending together into one long vigil, one long prayer that never seemed to go farther than the ceiling. Where was God? Was he even listening?

Doubts preyed on Chris as he entered Elizabeth’s room and found his brother standing at Elizabeth’s bed. Phillip’s eyes were closed, head bowed. He held Elizabeth’s limp hands in his. He spoke in soft whispers, and though Chris couldn’t make out his words, his brother’s expression suggested he was pleading to God in prayer.

            What good would it do? Another week had passed, and still his wife lay unconscious. Three weeks, and Elizabeth’s condition hadn’t changed. The window to her recovery was quickly closing. He’d never in his life felt so helpless.

After several minutes, Chris touched his brother’s shoulder. “Phillip.”

Phillip whirled to face him. “She squeezed my hand. It was soft, but I felt it. I think she’s waking up.”

Chris went to Elizabeth’s side and searched her features, her eyes, as he’d done many times before for any sign she’d come back to him. A vise tightened around his heart. False hope, yet again.

He fought the desire to sink into a chair and sob, but instead collected her hands within his. A small moan escaped her lips.

Chris’s breath caught. “Oh, Elizabeth. I’m here. Look at me.”

            “I’ll get the doctor!” Phillip rushed from the room.

Chris touched her forehead where the bandage had once been and smoothed down her hair. “Open your eyes.” He ached for her touch, for her smile, for her love. “Sweetheart, I’m here. I love you.”

            Slowly, surely, Elizabeth’s eyes fluttered open. Tears filled his own eyes.

The doctor burst into the room with a nurse on his heels. Even while they examined Elizabeth, he refused to leave her side. She squinted and blinked twice. A frown touched her brow as she gazed around the room, then at him.

He smiled down at her, joy filling his heart. His wife was alive. “Katherine’s home. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Elizabeth licked her lips, her gaze never leaving his. “I’m sorry…” she paused. “Who is Katherine? Who are you?”


That makes you want to buy Tanya's new book, doesn't it? :) Here are some links if you are interested in doing so.





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Tanya has graciously offered to give an ebook copy of her book away today if we have at leave five comments.Hint! Hint! :)


Thanks for stopping by today, Tanya. Wishing you the best.


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Stop by next week to learn a little more about the writing life of Molly Noble Bull.



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