Guest Blogger, Derinda Babcock

September 18, 2015

Today I'd like to welcome guest blogger, Derinda Babcock as she shares about her new release, Dodging Destiny.


Back cover blurb


Lexie Logan thought she could run from God . . . and, like the Prophet Jonah, faced a storm of epic proportions.


Lexie knows God has called her to the mission field of Guatemala as a missionary's wife, but she has no intention of obeying. She has her own dreams: she wants to complete a Master's degree program in music and to play violin for the Topeka Symphony Orchestra.


As she waits to speak to an advisor, she pillows her head on her arms in the library of Kansas State University in June 2014, and wakes up in the back of a Conestoga wagon in June 1857, four years before the Civil War. Kansas is not a state, women do not have the vote, and slavery divides the nation. She is taken in by the Bells, who are homesteading in the newly opened territory.


While she lives with this family, God teaches her many things about obedience, trust, faithfulness, and love, but the most important lesson she learns is that there is no place in time or space where she can go to run from God, and that there is nothing that can separate her from His love.


When given a second chance, will she obey though there is risk involved, or will she play it safe and settle for second-best?


Other information:

Dodging Destiny grew out of questions I had about the Prophet Jonah's experiences as he fled God's command to go and warn Israel's enemies of coming judgment. What were the lessons Jonah learned? Does this story have implications for twenty-first century Christians? Did God command Jonah to go to another group after this incident? If so, did Jonah obey the first time, or did he have to re-learn the same lesson? Could these lessons be taught using a different setting and era?


As with all my stories, my intentions are to entertain, encourage, and inspire my readers. I hope they enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Author Bio

Derinda Babcock has been an English Language Acquisition teacher for almost twenty-five years. During this time, she worked with students of all ages and many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The richness of this experience lends flavor and voice to the stories she writes. She enjoys historical research and the crafting of entertaining stories written from the Christian world view.


Here's the link to buy Derinda's new book.




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