Guest Blogger Beth Wiseman Shares About Her New Novella

August 29, 2015

Today I'm privileged to welcome Beth Wiseman as she shares about her new book coming out in September. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook copy when it comes available. 


A Tide Worth Turning by Beth Wiseman



From the back cover:


Addison Burke is a successful real estate agent who specializes in high-end closings and who enjoys


an elite lifestyle not often afforded someone her age (27).  But following a stroke and a recent fall, Addison is forced to hire a caregiver for her estranged mother, Lee Ann; a job Addison chooses not to take on, despite her financial freedom to do so.  She hires an agency to fill the position, and to her surprise, they send a man for the job.


Logan has somehow managed to keep his act together despite a past that is slowly catching up with him.  If he can make enough money over the next couple of months by tending to Lee Ann Burke, he should be able to flee the country before his world comes crashing down around him.  But when Lee Ann’s beautiful daughter, Addison, begins to awaken feelings in him that he thought died long ago, he begins to question whether or not fleeing from the past is worth leaving Addison forever.


Will Addison let down her guard for love and renew her relationship with her mother?  Can Logan face his past, come out unscathed, and act on his feelings for Addison?  And why is Lee Ann selling everything she owns on Ebay and Craig’s List?     


A Tide Worth Turning is a smart beach read for any season.  Mixing fun romance and mystery, this story transports the reader from historic Galveston, Texas to the beaches of Australia. Travel along with bestselling author, Beth Wiseman, for another great hit!"

     ~Kelly Long -- Zebra Books Bestseller



About A Tide Worth Turning, in Beth’s words:


I grew up about an hour from Galveston, Texas, so this seemed like the perfect beach setting for this novella.  If you are familiar with this historic city on the Gulf Coast, you might not think this looks like Galveston.  You would be correct.  This story takes my characters to another beach in a different country.  Can’t tell, though!  It would be a spoiler.  :)


Although, I’ve written a lot of romances over the years, there are always other things going on in my stories—a light mystery, humorous scenes, or maybe a parallel plot.  When it’s a novella, you really have to pack a punch in every chapter to tell a tight story within the confines of the word count. 


In A Tide Worth Turning, there are two romances evolving, but there are several subplots going on.  Our hero, Logan, is a good guy who’s gotten himself into trouble, but it’s hard not to root for him when it becomes clear what his intentions are. 


Also, Addison and her mother—Lee Ann—haven’t had the best relationship.  But when lies and deceptions come to light, can they put the past behind them and rebuild the type of mother/daughter bond they both long for? 


This was a super fun story to write!  I loved being on the beach with Addison and Logan.  In addition to watching their relationship develop, it was heartwarming to see Addison finding her way back to God.  And, Lee Ann thinks she has the rest of her life planned out, but she’s in for a surprise too.



Sprinkled with humor, A Tide Worth Turning is a double dose of romance.  It is about the mistakes


we make and the wonderful way God uses our life experiences for His good.  And it’s about family secrets and the bond between a mother and a daughter.  It releases on September 12, and I’d be thrilled if you decide to check it out.  You can read the first chapter of all of my books on my website,


Thank you, Jodie, for having me on your blog.  :)  





Thank you, Beth, for taking the time to stop by and tell us about your new novella. I had the privilege of reading it before it's final draft and I really enjoyed it. Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy Beth has graciously offered.

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